•Introduction Lean manufacturing – increases the speed of process


•Six Sigma

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    The aim of Six Sigma is
to reduce/control variation through
statistical methods that lower process defect rates to less than 3.4 DPMO.


    Lean is a series of tools
and techniques to
manage our organization’s
processes. Specifically, Lean focuses on eliminating all non-value-added
activities and waste from processes.

is Lean Six Sigma

Lean  Six Sigma

  Lean Six Sigma is a
managerial approach that combines Six Sigma methods and tools and the lean manufacturing philosophy, striving to eliminate waste, while
assuring quality in production and organizational processes.

           From all these definitions we decode
Lean Six Sigma is  a quality program
that, when all is said and done, improves your customer’s experience, lowers
your costs, and builds better leaders



•Transportation – Unnecessary movement of Products.

 – Unnecessary storage of Products.

– Unnecessary movement of Men and Data.

time – Product Waiting for any process.

production – Producing large number of Products
and keeping it in warehouse.

processing – Processes those do not add value to
the quality (NVA)

•Defects – Incorrect work that must be done
correctly to achieve quality


•How Six Sigma deals with variation

• How Six Sigma deals with Defects

• A
Six Sigma process produces 3.4 DPMO that means literally no defects.


•Integration of Lean and Six Sigma

effectiveness of two techniques, Six Sigma and Lean production has been
combined into LSS.

Six Sigma changes the way the company thinks

• Lean manufacturing –
increases the speed of process –  removes

Sigma – controls Variation – Quality demand is achieved.

•Status quo of Indian SME’s

1.Never heard of Lean Six

Six Sigma is nothing new, just like Total
Quality Management.

having time for a Lean Six Sigma

of implementing a
Lean Six Sigma program.

too small. LSS is for
large companies.

Six Sigma involves a
lot of statistics and advanced mathematics. Most of our employees are
front-line operators — not engineers.

of the unknown or failure

not a manufacturer.

•How Lean Six sigma benefited Companies

•Some of the Industry samples

•Ford Motor Company

    Six Sigma enabled Ford
Motors to eliminate more than $2.19 billion in waste over the last decade and

•Result of LSS

is a function of costs minimization and sale volume and this can be expressed
as equation below:

P=f (CM+SV)


sector being the second biggest contributor to the GDP it is essential to apply
Lean Six Sigma and it can be applied to services like Hospitals, Airports.

organizations have different maturity levels of QM implementation and their
existing QM systems vary.

any doubt LSS is far more than other Traditional Quality Management Techniques.