Although language because it benefits and increases their brain

Although many people may presume learning a new language is a waste of time, knowing multiple languages can actually benefit your brain greatly. Having the ability to speak two or more languages can physically expand the size of your brain, allowing your brain to better cope with the effects of dementia. Multilingualism can open up new career opportunities, and can help you connect with other people and their cultures. Firstly, individuals should take the time to learn a second or third language because it benefits and increases their brain size, allowing them to deal with damage caused by dementia more easily. According to the article, “Speaking Multiple Languages May Help Delay Dementia Symptoms,” by Nancy Shute, a study that was done on some bilingual adults showed that they have the extra cognitive reserve, which lets the brain handle the impairment caused by dementia.  “It reviews the state of research on bilingual adults, and finds they maintain better executive functioning later in life than monolingual people. That extra ‘cognitive reserve’ may allow the brain to better cope with the damage caused by dementia, thereby delaying symptoms” (Shute). In addition to protection against dementia, being multilingual can also broaden their career opportunities. Multilingual people can translate for other co-workers that may be foreign, they have better memory, and are creative problem-solvers. These are all abilities that may come in handy, thereby, furthering an individual’s chance of finding a job. In “It’s Good to Talk: How Being Multi-Lingual Can Boost Your Career” article by Dominic Luddy,  Taking the time to learn another language shows a strong work ethic which is a quality that employers find attractive. *transition*Lastly, having the ability to speak two or more languages can open you up to different cultures. You can interact with other people and explore their different cultures. You can make friends, explore new hobbies , and learn more about your favorite music and/or literature from that culture. An example from the article ….(edit)To conclude, knowing two or more languages can greatly benefit a person by letting them experience and interact with their own / other cultures, help their career and stay safe from dementia (edit)