As at a disadvantage with no clear-cut plan and

As I reflect back in time, the most
defining moment that had a transformative effect on my perception and behavior transpired
when I successfully led the exit meeting for the Pharmacy Audit Review. It was
a distinctive moment for me, I not only provided the client with opportunities
to enhance processes but also learned the power of my own perseverance.

It all started in the summer of 2017 when
a Partner presented me an opportunity to lead a Pharmacy Audit review for a
client in New York. Though I was fully utilized for another client engagement,
I didn’t hesitate to accept the opportunity. Coming from Industry as an
experienced hire with no prior consulting experience, I knew I had to go above
and beyond in order to stand out among my peers.

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Despite being in healthcare space,
pharmacy audit was something new to me and had a steep learning curve. I didn’t
realize the actual challenges I was up against until I received additional
details about the project. Already being staffed meant that most of the
pharmacy audit work had to be done remotely which was a challenge in itself. However,
the biggest challenge was the project timeline and the fact that rest of my
team was approximately 8,000 miles away in India. I started the project at a
disadvantage with no clear-cut plan and increased workload, I was not able to
meet deadlines and was performing poorly on both of my engagements. Different
time zones also presented new challenges in getting regular status updates from
the team. Slowly, I was losing sight of the project and it didn’t take me that long
to realize the fundamental flaws in my approach.

With one week into the project, I developed
an all-around strategy and prioritized each deliverable based on its deadline.
I made significant changes in my working hours to include an early morning
status call with my team in India. Soon the changes started to display encouraging
signs. Organizing and prioritizing tasks helped me in meeting deadlines; while
effective communication enabled me to be in sync with my team. I was regularly
updated on the status of the project and soon enough, I had a firm grip on both
of my engagements. The successful completion of the project resulted in an
applause award of $500 for an outstanding performance. The applause award not
only motivated me to perform even better but also pushed my name into
consideration for a promotion next year.

Though I never doubted my ability to
complete the challenge I faced, I am enchanted to experience a lifelong lesson
in the form of persistence and determination. I not only exceeded my teams’ expectations
but most importantly exceeded my own limitations. With a proper strategy, I overcame
the fear of failing and kept moving forward. This change in mindset has assisted
me in staying optimistic as I approach different daily life challenges. In
short, this opportunity not only enhanced my professional career but definitely
helped in my personal development.