* children from getting lost and supporting refugee families


Progress of International communities to survive Syria

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            We already know that the Syrian war is an internal
conflict so it’s hardly for the other countries to involve and resolve the
situation. Still, the international community can’t abandon Syria people to
stay in the burning fire of its conflict. As a result, United Nation has tried
to secure Syria people from the uprising, including other UN bodies such as the
Human Rights Council, the General Assembly and the Security Council. By this,
in August 2013 UN try to arrange a Geneva peace conference by bringing the
warring side to the table. But none of the side is willing to negotiate. And
the negotiations were impossible because they were so lopsided. Them the UN has
established the supervision mission in Syria under resolution 2043 to observe
the implement of peace plan for Syria on Syrian civil war. Anyway, the UN works
has been powerless on the act in political stage. Furthermore, the world has
been focused more on Syria people that have been fled from the country
throughout the solution to help the refugee crisis. For this thing, UN and
world food program were not prepared for a refugee crisis on these scale. However,
as Chan had already mentioned UN has provided food, health care, Sanitation and
other more as possible to help. But it’s equally clear that UN is not the only
vehicle for action. There were neighboring countries such as Egypt, Iraq,
Jordon, Lebanon and Turkey have accepted millions of Syrian refugees that saved
many lives and allowed people to stay close to home, avoiding risky journeys
towards Europe. As the UNICEF and its partner have working on keeping children
from getting lost and supporting refugee families and host communities which
they had settle. In contrast, Greece, in the midst of an economic crisis on the
scale of great depression was not able to take so many people at once, leading
to terrible scenes of desperate, hungry and disease. During the need, the EU
turned to invested about 2 pounds billion in defenses, high tech security
technology to prevent the out-coming of Syrian refugees while the other
communities contributed to rescue Syria civilians. Not for too long, the world
suddenly changes the perspective when photos circulated of a dead boy from
Syria lay on a beach in Turkey. Which making Germany announced that it will,
without exception, accept all Syrian refugees and it’s more than the entire EU
took in 2014. All over the west and other countries are beginning to take
action, although support asylum seekers come from civilians than the