Conventional can also make fuzzy logic.It works on images

Conventional system/computing –  It is the traditional way of computing any problem and this system uses set of rules and algorithm to solve any particular problem. It has both data structure and program to solve any problem and, it gives the guaranteed solution to a problem. Basically it uses straight forward manner to solve any problem. It uses data and sequential process and set of instruction to solve the program.Intelligent system/computing – This system uses knowledge to solve any problem therefore solution is uncertain and does not guarantee. It take the data, analyse’s the data and finds the pattern among data. However pattern may not completely match, but the closest match gives the solution and knowledge is considered as vital. It can also make fuzzy logic.It works on images and use knowledge and inferential process to solve the problem.Conventional vs Intelligent computingConventional system approaches to mimic the behavior of human by using algorithm and data structure therefore it is limit to certain situation, classic example of this system is industry robot, weather intelligent system uses knowledge and  Heuristics rule(knowledge gained from experience) to understand the problem and find the pattern to solve the problem. e g: driver less car. Intelligent computing may not guarantee the solution.It has no sets of instruction or program for a particular problem rather it learns to solve the problem through experience.Intelligent computing emulates decision making ability and predicting ability like human expert or human intelligence as it can make fuzzy logic (more than either yes or no ) and it uses inference procedures to solve the problem. Intelligent system can also have the ability to solve a new problem by making a pattern from data but on the other side conventional computing cannot solve the unfamiliar problem as it works on certain set of rules and instructions and it cannot make fuzzy logic, it will only work like Boolean(either yes or no). Intelligent can understand”what a colour is ” or “what a image is” but conventional system only follows instructions.How a solution said to be intelligent?A solution is said to be intelligent on the basis of its efficiency and complexity. If a system is able to understand the environment and give best solution according to the environment it is an intelligent solution.Learning agent vs Utility agentConclusion: It can not be said that which system is better, it depends on the situation or environment. Both has its own pros and cons. Eg: if we want the same output every time for a particular problem conventional system is preferable (eg: robots) but if we want a system that requires reasoning any problem or for making any decision we prefer Intelligent system(e g: SOFIA AI ROBOT).