Department of Computer Science and Engineering Project Management Assignment


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Management Assignment

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Submitted By:

Malik Muhammad Mursaleen                                    2015-CS-64


Submitted To:

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Farooq



University of Engineering and
Technology Lahore




“The Project Life Cycle”

Project Life Cycle is the standard process by which teams achieve project
success deliver
projects to clients successfully.”

Almost every
project includes four steps for “Project Life Cycle”. Basically it provides a
platform for project developing. These four steps are listed below

Initiating the Project

Planning Step

Execution Step

Termination Step


Initiating Project:

                      This phase can also be said the “Conceptualization Phase” of
project and it the beginning or starting of any project. In this phase commonly
we identify the problem for which we are going to develop this project. The
next thing for this subject is to point out is working in future, either it
will solve the issue for which we are going to work. We also define the
specific objective for which we are needed to develop this project actually.
During the development of any project we see the requirements of project and
against these requirements will look for our resources and the support needed
for its developing because it is very mandatory that if we want a project or
being project manager we must be able to have resources otherwise we will not
be able to complete the project completely. Sometimes there are issues for
technology or hardware, suppose we want to develop a project which will be
carried out on a super computer then it is not possible because in this country
in current situation we cannot afford a super computer due to lack of
technology and its cost.

         In this step of project actually we
present our statement of work (SOW).then we are supposed to present the
business case and at last it is assumed that we have created a business
contract of our project.

Planning step:

                     It is actually the second phase or
step for the project development life cycle. It mainly includes organization
and preparing for project. If our first step is approved by management teams
then a formal type of work is started like to make plan, initial goals outline
etc. is established. In this step we must keep in mind that what is our vision
our purpose for this project development. And we must have to see the criteria
which we have defined either it is success criteria or not. In this step we are
supposed that we have already a unique and top level interpretation of project
and complete requirements and all possible risks occurring in project listed
down. It is assumed that we must be able to schedule and guess about the budget

                         The more things which we are have to do
includes that we must decide the resource accessibility, either resource for
this project is available or not? We as developer team must be able to decide
the budget of the project. The next step for this phase is to assign the
different tasks for every resource individually or as a group.

     Execution Step:

                        This is the third step of a project
developing and in other words it is the step to ­­­carry out the work of the
project practically. It is indeed a longest phase of the project and typically
the most demanding one. Required
stuff, apparatus, machines and resources are modified to reach the project
target. During this step we continuously keep watching the performance to make
sure that the project is successful. We must surveillance that all the resource
of project are being achieved. We must keep in mind that either this project is
completed in time and within the budget or not. As it the maximum part of the
project because it take longest time in all 4 steps. We should check out its
quality throughout the project development, we can also make predictions that
is there any hurdle that require some changes in the project or not. This step
must have a deliberate planning for project as well as we must be able to
implement our all planning of project in execution phase.

    Termination Step:

The fourth
and final step is termination phase also it is called closure of product
sometimes. Once this phase is started, the project is ended. It mainly includes
three main parts. In first step the complete project is delivered to the
customers. In second step we redeploy the project resources. And in third step
we review our project after deploying. If a team has done its work then it is
abandoned. All the employees and machinery is assigned new duties and used
resource is sent back to the organization which owes it. We must keep in eye
that is our project criteria is met or not. Is the project is completed within
its budget or not. It is not as bigger part of project as the project execution
is, because it is wind up of project.