Feminism states a girl had punched a boy straight


            Feminism can be seen as a really negative thing to some
people and then a really positive thing to others. I always tended to be
somewhat opinionated to the fact that feminists are negative after hearing some
stories of them saying, “The white male is the root of all evil,” as well as
other opinionated things. When I was asked to read the article America Made Me a Feminist, I was really
skeptical going in. After reading it over twice, my opinion on feminism hasn’t
changed, while my view on the whole topic culturally has.

            Something I found fairly interesting was when Paulina
gave her cultural background of Sweden and Czechoslovakia. Here in America,
women have always been seen as really emotional, sweet, and harmless. However,
in Sweden, she states a girl had punched a boy straight in the face. I believe
Paulina is trying to claim women back in Sweden must be given a more masculine
cultural view, and they aren’t so “defenseless and powerless” as people in
America believe. However, while women may be trademarked as being sweet, weak,
and innocent, in actuality it’s a weak argument for feminists. I believe this
because I know tom boys, I know really masculine girls, and I know women that
are in politics, and the number of those women versus “a typical American woman”
isn’t an outlier, but instead is a pretty even ratio. From my experience, these
women are treated just the same as a typical feminine girl.

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            The quote, “They men opened doors for me, they wanted
to pay for my dinner. They seemed to think I was too delicate, or too stupid,
to take care of myself,” was a really bold statement made by Pauline while in
Paris. Her article is about how women can be just as strong as a man. This
statement, however, is a really dumb statement to a guy like me who still opens
doors for people. When a guy holds open a door or pays for dinner, he isn’t
trying to show power over a woman; quite the opposite, as he shows respect for
her by being a gentleman. I even did a bit of research and found an article
titled “Gentlemen Misrepresented (thoughts on some of the origins of Chivalry)” by Max Nomad, and found that originally the
reason men opened doors for women had to do with the length of the dresses.
They actually needed a guy to open the door, as most women dressed like this
back then. It wasn’t until the 19th century that these acts of
chivalry were seen as being a gentleman, so it never in the past had to do with
men empowering and belittling women.

            In Paulina’s conclusion, after
comparing different countries’ view on women, she states, “But the American
woman is told she can do anything and then is knocked down the moment she
proves it.” Her claim makes no sense, as women nowadays seem to be respected
more than ever. Yes, while there are some individuals that stir up trouble with
women, there are also individuals that stir up trouble with race, religion, and
other touchy subjects. Our culture has a way better view on women then it has
in a long time, but there is no way to make every individual person agree on
something. Women make up a huge percent of the workforce here in America, as
well as in politics compared to the past. Many women go out every day and prove
themselves, without getting knocked down. Getting technical, there are even
some men that try to protest or make a claim that gets shot down, so stating
that a woman cannot do anything in America is a demeaning statement.

            To wrap it all up, I can admire that
Pauline wrote this article to stand up for what she believes in. Feminism is a
great cause too, as there are some things our country could fix in terms of
sexuality equality. However Pauline makes really weak claims, and she doesn’t
call herself a feminist for the cause as much as (I get the picture) she
doesn’t like the way America deals with women. Growing up in a different
culture gave her a different experience, but her culture is different than
American culture, and with her really weak claims I believe this article is
very poorly written. If she could have gone into some of the American sexuality
problems in a bit more depth, I feel like I could have gotten something more
out of it.