From take form. During my sophomore year of high

From an early age I was drawn to the medical field because of my frustrations with the health system and health implications faced by family members and myself. My father’s 25 back surgeries, Diabetes, his inability to move his body normally and his use of walking aids were often a conversation starter, as my friends inquired about why my father missed another sporting event of mine. As a caregiver for my Grandmother, who was afflicted with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, my desire to create sustainable health care services began to take form. During my sophomore year of high school, I wanted to be an anesthesiologist. That passion was short lived as I grew ever fearful of failure; and I surely did not want to fail at such a life altering challenge as becoming an anesthesiologist. Therefore I decided to undergo the world’s most rigorous program in leadership; The United States Marine Corps. During my time in the Marine Corps I suffered multiple gunshot wounds. For these injuries I received some of the best care the military health system was able to provide with no worry of financial strain. A luxury of less worry that most, including my own family, was never afforded. The affordability and quality of health care that I receive through the military and VA is something that I have never taken for granted, but every person should have the right to obtain the  highest standard of physical and mental health treatments available. Unfortunately very few people are afforded this right. My aspirations of entering the medical field came to a short halt when I realized that I would not make the impact in the health system that I desire by being a direct health service provider. In attempts towards reaching my goal of formulating a lasting contribution to improving the health system through effective management, clinical operations, and delivery of health care services; I started a new program at AIM ILC, a local non-profit, titled Veterans Advocacy. As the leader of the Veterans Advocacy program at AIM, I work with disabled veterans helping them reach the services they need to live healthier more independent lifestyles. I will forever remain committed to the promise of science, but I have come to the realization that I am far more stimulated by the questions of politics and policy issues facing our health care sector.Furthering my education by focusing in health services management, coupled with my work experience with special populations will be the backbone of my future success in managing the integration of new health care systems, integration of technological innovations, restructuring budgets, and an increased focus on preventative care at a systems level. I am adamant in earning my Masters degree in Health Services Management, which I will use as a foundation and springboard in the development and expansion of scientific research, preventative care, vocational rehabilitation, and community based health services. My major aspiration is to do this at a Veterans Administration Hospital as I am a firm believer in veterans serving veterans. As an Elmira College Alumni, naturally, EC is my first choice towards the Masters in Health Services Management because I deeply respect the ideals of the program and EC professors. I appreciate the diversity of the Elmira campus, its dedication to veteran inclusivity and success, and overall academic success that I experienced while earning my B.S. at Elmira College. I look forward to rigorous exposure of a range of health-care issues, policy, ethics, organizational behavior of public, private and nonprofit institutions including their interactions. I know Elmira College will provide this to me. I feel strongly that Elmira College is the best place to prepare myself to become a creative and visionary health care administrator. The attainment of this degree coupled with my military training will allow me to lead and inspire effectively, operating upon the firm educational foundation that I will gain from your distinguished program and my proud Alma Mater. As a healthcare administrator, I will forever be committed to improving efficiency and efficacy in my health care facility. I will dedicate myself to ensuring the quality care provided in my organization is accessible, affordable and successful for all clients. My particular interest in Veterans health policy and Veteran social policy is dominated by the need for the Veterans Administration to focus on improving the integration of new health care delivery systems, technological advancements in care, including a massive restructuring of work and policy. Finding solutions to these issues demands greater involvement in deciding how our collective intelligence is used. I want to take part in deciding how our society will deal with providing quality care for all citizens. I’ve accepted that in order to find one’s personal success they must learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process. I have failed, but those failures have illuminated my mind, enlarged my spirit and provided me the opportunity to continue moving in a direction that will help me feel more complete as a human being. I have spent many years searching for meaning in this crazy world we live. Earning a Masters in Health Services Management will provide me with another collection of failures and successes that will aid in  forging me into the human and professional that I desire to create in and of myself.