Growing decisions when my plans wouldn’t go as organized.

Growing up I have always been extremely organized and planned ahead. I was quick at making rational decisions when my plans wouldn’t go as organized. It’s phenomenal how now that I reflect back to my childhood, how much of my choices and actions have led to the career path I have chosen, Business Administration. The process of pre-planning, constructing, and running a business has always fascinated me. I enjoyed the complex nature behind businesses and would spend hours reading and jotting my own business ideas. As a little girl, I was always coming up with creative designs for cafes, bakeries, cupcake shops, restaurants, etc., however, it wasn’t until high school when I truly realized my interest for business and saw an opportunity to make a career out of it.

         At only the age of 14, I started my own non-profit tutoring organization in my community. Throughout the years I realized that a lot of parents in my neighborhood would ask me to help out their children on schoolwork. I saw this as an opportunity to both give back to the community and build my entrepreneurship skills. Although I had only a small group of children to tutor, nevertheless, my time spent scheduling and communicating with different groups of people taught me what it takes to effectively run a business. Specifically, the time commitment it takes and the amount of levels you have to go through to get to a simple arrangement. Through this I build my communication and negotiation skills, which are necessary to have as an entrepreneur.

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         At the age of 17, I decided to volunteer at a courthouse as part of my senior project. After writing a thorough research paper, my responsibility was to spend a hundred hours in a facility and learn more about the daily functions of it. While volunteering at the courthouse, I was given a sneak peek into what it takes to properly manage a court. My supervisor was the administrative associate of the court and she offered me an insight on what she did as a job to make sure the court was running accordingly. I experienced first-hand all the efforts it takes to run an operation and saw all the challenges that occur. I enjoyed learning through my responsibilities the management level and daily challenges it takes to sustain operations regularly and was ready for any challenges I personally encountered. Through this volunteer experience, I came to a conclusion that I am passionate about and would love to run my own organization in the future.

         Before I finished high school, I decided to take my first ever business class. In this class we were exposed to the reality of starting a business, the process small businesses go through, and introduced to some very successful entrepreneurs. Throughout the semester I learned how to run a business strategically. I even created a detailed business plan for a small business of my own choice, which of course I chose a bakery shop, the inner little girl in me was living for this idea. Writing out the plan taught me how to do a detailed research of the market, choose a location precisely, and to look at every detail of the business, including challenges that will arise in the future. In this classroom, I was forced to leave my comfort zone by coming up with business ideas, constructing plans for them, presenting to the classroom otherwise known as our “investors”, writing executive summaries, etc. After taking my first ever business class, I left high school knowing exactly what I wanted to major in and what career path I wanted to go into.

         Throughout my years of volunteering, working in professional settings, and taking business classes that pushed me outside of my comfort zone, I have built my entrepreneur skills more confidently and believe I am capable of one day creating a successful business. One of my biggest strengths that I have developed throughout the years is self-reliance. I have learned to depend on myself, my power, and my resources. Although I have trust in others and have no problem depending on someone to get their job done, I always take responsibility and trust myself to get tasks accomplished and never put the blame on others when things don’t go as planned. Instead, I learn from mistakes and quickly think of another plan to go forward and adjust to changes. Furthermore, I am always willing to learn new things and take chances. I push myself out of my comfort zone and am determined to be open-minded and venture into new opportunities when they are presented to me. I am willing to take a leap of faith and work hard to achieve greatness. Most importantly, I believe that with my ambition, passion, and motivation to accomplish my goals and aspirations, I can achieve anything I set my mind to by pushing myself to construct my dreams into a reality.

         Finally, of course, no one’s story is complete without some weaknesses. I have discovered two weaknesses that have held me back from accomplishing tasks faster and more efficiently. One weakness of mine is that I focus on details too much. Although being detail oriented as an entrepreneur is great, I can sometimes spend too much time on small details, which takes away time from other tasks. Furthermore, I always expect too much from myself. I tend to try to be a perfectionist and set high standards and goals to achieve. With this comes the reality of failing, however, this weakness has taught me how to redefine what’s important in life and to move forward by adjusting to the circumstances. Above all, I have learned to accept my weaknesses and work on transforming them into strengths that will push me further towards my goals.