I learning curriculum. This may end up in them

I feel that all the 3 considerations; Time, Activity and Coach
are essential to be implemented when preparing a timetable for student athletes
because all 3 considerations are interlinked. But, I think that ‘Time’ is the
most important.




Firstly, there is a reason why student athlete needs enough
time to balance between their academics and sports. Imbalance of one of the two
might cause the student athlete to not succeed in both education and sports.
For example, when creating a timetable without implementing time to study and
more emphasis on sports, the student athlete will not have time to catch up on
their studies and miss out important information on their studies which will be
a decremental factor in the long run when they fail in their examinations.
Furthermore, if they are already missing out and trying to catch up with their
studies, since the timetable does not indicate time for study, the student
athlete would then rush their homework or study during the night and might burn
the midnight oil just to be on par with learning curriculum. This may end up in
them not getting enough time to sleep and might burn out due to the inability
to cope with the academic stress. An article I found state that many students
in Singapore are heavily involved in co-curricular activities (CCA) which are
compulsory for them and ending up with little to no time for homework and rest.
Parents are voicing out their worry towards the Ministry of Education (MOE) to
revise the time spent on the activities and studies (The Straits Time , 2014). To counter this,
one of the COEs may look into the examination periods and competition periods,
from there, they can carefully plan out the time and days specified for studies
and sports. Hence, time is essential to balance out between academics and
sports for student athlete when creating a timetable for them.

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The second reason why time is the most important is because
when creating a timetable for a student athlete, we must prevent them for
specializing in one sports and to encourage the athlete to participate in
multiple sports. A research that I found state the benefits of participating in
multiple sports is beneficial for the athlete and the detriments for student
athletes to specialize in one sport only. The first disadvantage of why student
athlete should prevent specializing in one sport is that they may face a higher
possibility of burnout. They would get bored and they would not place a high
priority on that sport for a source of having “fun”, a source of relaxation and
be away from reality, this is because they would do the same training, same
routine again and again. Furthermore, adults such as their parents and coaches
may be the addition towards the reason for burnout. Lack of fun and enjoyment
and boredom of the sports grow due to specialisation may be the formula towards
why youths drop out in sports early. The second disadvantage I had slightly
tapped on is about adults. Adults put pressure on the student athlete to
succeed as they want they athlete/child to be the best of the best and learn
all the fundamental skills. Therefore, this may also be the reason for burnout
as they could not cope with the high expectations placed on them by the several
external pressures. To counter this, COEs should implement the student athlete
to join multiple sports to enhance the athlete’s balance, endurance, explosion,
agility, coordination and communication as these skills can be benefited and
learned from different sports. (National Federation of State High School Associations, 2016)




In conclusion, implementing time efficiently can be the
success of a student athlete. They can have sufficient time with education,
sports and also, their social life if time is managed. Furthermore, balancing
time between academics and sports, preventing specialization on one sport and
encouraging student athlete to participate in multiple sport may are some of
the main factors as to why ‘Time’ is the most important when preparing a
timetable for them.