Image or to convert a black and white image

Restoration Services

restoration service helps us to restore an image to its original state or make
an image more vibrant and lucrative.

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The term
restoration gives us a clear idea of the main use of the service. In simple
terms it would mean to take a broken or old image and converting it to a fixed
or new image. This service is especially helpful to restore old photos or
change a black and white image to a colored one. Companies that work with
antique photos, documents or just need an old memorable photo fixed need these

Restoration Service has major two types summarizing all the uses:

Black and White Restoration

The application for this service is for an image with no color that needs
repairing or cleaning. For example, let’s assume we have an image that is very
old. It has many tiny white dusts all over the image which hampers the view of
the image. Here this image retouching
service processed by cleaning all the dust particles in the image thus
making it look clean and sharp. In another scenario an image might be torn/damaged
or cracked in the middle. Here we would re-create that image based on the basic
outline and filling up the cracked or missing part repairing that image whole
again to visibly see all the elements of the image.


Color Restoration

Image Color Restoration needed for a damaged color photo or to convert a
black and white image to make it look new and alive. A black and white image in
comparison to a color photo is less exciting. Restoration can add colors to the
image based on the customer’s requirement to give it the original look of the
actual place or person photo when taken. Also damaged photo restoration
performed in color photo same way applied in the black and white image. Though
color restoration would be a bit more tricky then to just re-create black and
white background as we have match each color of each element of the image. So
that it is not noticeable and people will have no idea that it was ever damaged.
Thus recreating or repairing the image smoothly keeping the original look and
making it brand new.

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