In Catholic church and making his own it came

In the Reformation, the King and the Pope differences caused a split between the British people and the Catholic church. The split was caused by the king and the queen wanting a divorcee but not being grated one. With the king not wanting anything to do with the Pope, he made his own church which leads to many political changes.King Harney’s first wife Catherine of Aragon was not able to have a son so the king grew inpatient because he wanted to have a hair to his throne demanded the Pope to give him to get a divorce with his wife. Of course, the pope did not grant him his demand since back in those times it was very uncommon for a marriage to end in a divorce. It was even harder to be granted a divorce since the Catholic church did not allow a divorce, even under any circumstances. Not only was there the issue with his wife not being able to have a son with him the king started lusting a younger and more beautiful girl. After that now, both the king and the queen wanted a divorce but the Pope still would not allow them to end their marriage.            Since the Pope would not allow a divorce between the king and the queen, the king decided to leave the Catholic church and start his own just for the British people. Afterwards, King Hennery made his new church he made himself the leader of his new church, he let divorce become legal. With the new British church, people became protestant and it helps the spread of the religion. Very few people still wanted to follow the Pope and his Catholic customs but very few were brave enough to say anything. With King hennery making his own church and becoming the leader of it the Pope would control almost everything had no more control in England.              The Pope was the one who monitored the king and his political decisions but with the king separating from the Catholic church and making his own it came with a lot of new political changes. The king no longer had to share his power with the Pope anymore which made him an actual king. Not only did the king share power with the Pope he also shared the wealth with him. Because the church was stealing money from people that could stop because the Pope had no more control. With the split also came a split between the country, the southern people were still Catholic but the northern people were Protestants.            The split between the Catholic church and England brought many changes to the British people which were mostly good. The new church that the king made allowed divorce to be legal and help spread the religion Protestant. Also, it helped the people who were taken being taken advantage of by the Pope. Even though the split was caused by the king wanting a divorce from his wife it had many good political changes.