In communities to achieve some good (9). Like a

In Politics, Aristotle explains
that politics can be organized either as an “art of acquisition”
where those who understand it best should rule or “participatory”
where many should rule and be ruled. He defines a city to be a community that
is formed with the goal to achieve some good. The community is in the most
sovereign state when it is a political entity. Political communities are ruled
through participation that incorporates all forms of associations and
relationships within the community to obtain the highest good. Everyone in the
community embraces each other and “does everything for the sake of what
they think is good” to “aim at the most controlling of goods”
(8). An individual that is a part of a city recognizes his worth and can obtain
his full potential than if he was to separate from the community. Aristotle compares
this to the Relationships of husband-wife, parent-child, and slave-master.
Aristotle argues that some are suited to be masters while others are better
suited to be a slave. It is beneficial to both groups when they are ruled by
masters. Comparing slaves to barbarians, he believes that, neither have the
natural capacity to rule (10). Master’s having the natural ability to command
while slaves lack these talents and are only fit to carry out small unskilled
jobs. Moreover, rulers are considered to know more than the ruled, therefore,
it is in the best interests of the community to use the ruled talents while
being guided to achieve a higher good.


Aristotle explains politics as an
“art” by satisfying basic everyday needs. Being able to secure
shelter, food, water, and everyday necessities through acquisition is essential
to any household or community. It is beneficial to the group when needs are
meet not from a deliberate choice but because of necessity. Husband and wife
create generations, slaves are for survival while villages host generations of
children and grandchildren all everyday needs communities to achieve some good
(9). Like a painter needs its tools to create a work of art. Tools are needed
to execute everyday needs and you must have the proper tools. “Since tools
are either lifeless or living,” a slave, an assistant, a wife all can be
considered useful tools in life. “A house, a wife, and an ox for
ploughing” is the recipe for everyday needs of the community.
Additionally, it is understood that the man is a better fit to command than the
female and that it Is the man who runs the household and not the wife.
Aristotle, also explains that monarchies are more likely to stay monarchs
because it is more understanding to be ruled by kings, for even gods were once ruled.

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In Politics, Aristotle claims that
a community made up of small villages is complete when it is self-sufficient,
“practically speaking; and though it originates for the sake of staying
alive, it exists for the sake of living well” (11). A city is created for
its citizens to live a prosperous life. Aristotle continues by stating that a
city is not just living together in a shared territory for just exchanging if
goods, but rather a collaborative effort between all households to develop and
live a self-sufficient life (11). Once a community is engaging with other
communities it then develops into a state, the ones that state it fully
developed it can fulfill all the needs of its people, but only if everything is
connected in an efficient way to execute the needs of socially, economically,
and politically.


Aristotle continues by claiming
that a city exists by nature and “that a human being is by nature a
political animal” and if a he is cityless by nature not by choice he is
either depraved or better (11). Animals naturally flock together to form a
community, we as humans are much similar to animals. States political entities
that are a collection of small villages, therefore, humans are political
animals. He believes that by human nature a man wants to fulfill his potential
and is insufficient without a community. There is no difference between the
natural life and his political life because they are conjoined together for a
man to live a life with abundance. Nature, therefore, create man and city so that
man can be sufficient to survive. Like animals to survive we congregate and
form a state to develop a system that is beneficial to all.

em that is beneficial to all.