Section was hard to eat. The reaction of the

Section 1

Site Visit

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Location: 25 woodbine Downs Blvd #12, Etobicoke, ON M9W 6N5

Day and Time of visit: December 18, 2017 at 12:30 PM.

Food Order- Chicken Teriyaki with 8-inch bread

General Details of experience: – The location we visited was not too busy at that time and the line-up was really short. Service was quite fast as we got our order in less than 5 minutes. The employees were energetic and very polite so the overall experience was pretty good.

Comparing our experience to our expectation

It was a good service experience which was provided by staff of subway as our order was prepared in very less time. However, we expected the meal to be prepared properly but the chicken filled in it was not hot and was hard to eat. The reaction of the person standing at the counter was also weird when we ordered 8-inch bread as it only comes in 6-inch or footlong. He refused to take our order and told us that they can’t make it 8-inch, so we’ve to order either 6-inch or footlong.













Location Pictures:





Subway is a privately owned American fast food restaurant that primarily serves sandwiches, Salad, Meat and vegetables. It is a fast food industry. As food is the basic need of everyone and there is immense competition between food companies. The most competitive companies are McDonald’s, Burger king, KFC and Wendy’s.


Subway is the fastest growing fast food chain in the world and was founded in Connecticut, America, in 1965. As of 2010, they had over 1000 more stores than McDonald’s in the world. Their chain has been increasing rapidly as they opened their 10000th store in 1998 and by 2013, they had total of 40,700 stores all over the world. Now, they are trying to reach every corner of the world. It is believed that Subway is a fastest growing fast food in the world., this website provides all the facts which proves that subway has been pushing itself to success throughout the previous years.

Subway is best for costumers and their services made them unique from other companies. As a customer, you can choose your own sub and you better know what they’re going to serve you. Meals can be customized by choosing bread, sauces and vegetables of your own choice and one can view its exact nutrition values. They also provide gluten-free bread as many people are allergic to it.


Demographic- Age group (18 – 39) – Most alluring for fitness freak young girls and men who are worried about crabs and calories as it is totally crisp and nutritious. The low-fat menu containing a scope of subs with 6 Grams of Fat or less, is well known with clients all around the globe.


 Psychological- When subway wants to promote their business, they target such people who are really health conscious and those who prefer to have a healthy way of life. Subway needs to suits the pockets of the numerous school going grown-ups as the idea is something identified with the incentive for cash. As it offers different kind of breads, different sauces and also a lot of healthy vegetables which makes it look healthier for everyone. Thus, most people prefer to have sandwiches from subway to keep themselves away from junk food and eat healthy.


Behaviour- By providing food administrations to its client, Subway is portioning the market in view of the behavioral of its clients. Subway realized that with boisterous and occupied way of life, cooking of new, sound and fast food is required in regular daily existence. Subway likewise influence uncommon advancement, amid events like Christmas and new year by offering gift cards to its valuable customers. This demonstrates that they really care about the interests of its customers.







                                                                        Wide Range








1. Core and Supplementary Services:

Core Services: The core services provided by the restaurant were taking the orders, providing information about prices and available meals with their nutritional value, payments and billing, quality of product and on-time delivery of food.

Supplementary Services: The supplementary services provided by Subway were Free Wi-Fi, parking facility and


2. Prices (Footlong)

Spicy Italian


Over- Roasted Chicken


Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt




Roast Beef



The three non-monetary costs along with their effect on customers that the company takes into account in establishing a retail price for the services/items:

1. Time Costs: Most of the services require direct interaction or participation of the consumers and thus consumes real time: waiting time or the interaction time between consumers and the service-providers. In Subway, the time costs are the waiting time for customers to get their food and also the interaction time with the employees to give their orders.


2. Physical Costs:


3. Sensory Costs(unpleasant sights, sounds, feel, tastes, smells) : Sensory costs occur when there is





Fail Points:

1. Drive thru-entrance: We realised that there was no drive thru in the restaurant which makes it difficult for people to get the food who are in rush to work or don’t want to get out of their cars. 

2. Lack of attention: As we walked through the restaurant and placed an order, we realised that the lady who was taking the orders was not listening to customers properly as we had to repeat the things twice or thrice to her. So, if the staff would have been more friendly with the customers then it would be an awesome experience for them to visit subway and enjoy their meal.

3. Lack of stock: As we ordered the sub and we wanted to have a gluten bread as one of our team was allergic to other breads but it was not available at the restaurant which made it a bad experience for us. Also, they were out of some sauces.

4. Capacity: Problem at exiting is a space between the wall and a queue isn’t big and the two queues collide in the middle which creates discomfort to customers at certain points and situations.



Lack of Stock: As Subway is known for healthy food and it offers a variety of foods so there should be enough stock in the store so as to meet the requirements of the customer. Each and every individual have their own preferences and thus they want to get their meal customized and if there is not much stock available then it becomes a worse experience for customers. As the subway was on the busy street and a lot of people visit there everyday, so if enough stock is not available at the store, then it would become an unpleasant experience for the customers.



Crafting the service environment

The five key elements to describe environment of subway includes interior displays, social measurements, Layout of store, general indicators, and exterior facilities.

1.       Inside Display:-Subway do not have much of interior displays because of the technology advancement as menus are displayed on the screens. There are pictures of vegetables and breads on the walls of subway and there are some poster of new released product on the windows of store. The interior design and decoration of the store is quite simple.


2.       Store Format:-The design of the store is attractive there is seating area for the customers so they can enjoy there meal in the store. The seating tables are long way from the counter and near to windows. Garbage boxes are outside the store.


3.       General indicators:-The employee dress of subway is black t-shirt, green cap, black pants and black shoes but on some places employee wear green T-shirts in subway restaurants. There are screens on the top of cash counter which shows product price and combos which they provides. Beside the counter the employee take order and prepare the order in front of customer and then customer pay. The stores cleanliness is maintained at the store. The lighting system of the store is bright and white.


4.       Outside facilities:-The Exterior design of the subway is good. Top part of the building is colored red and in the center part of the top there is logo of company which colored half white and yellow which light up in night time So it is easy to see from far and logo is also on left side on the top of the building too and rest of the building is brown is color and there are there is all glass on left side and at front and there is also emergency exit door at the back of store.


5.       Social Measurements:- The subway provide free service of internet so customers can eat their meals and use free internet and each employee of the store perform different duties and they dressed up in their uniforms.


From these five keys we clear out, that general indicators need some improvements. Like they have to make their customer comfortable but sometimes employee busy in making meals and they forget to clean tables some customers leave their garbage on the table which put bad effect on others customers and they also have to work on interior theme as they need to put attractive furniture.


Managing people

 The employee serving at the store dealing with customer in good way. She takes order prepare the meal in front of customer and ask for extra ingredients for meal if customer need and after preparing the meal she tell customer to wait at the side and wrap the meal in proper way and give to customer.


Emotional labor work is the circumstance when individuals at the front work area need to work physical and mental obligations as per the customer request and company’s rules are against their values because it is awkward to deal with jay-customers and they have to work according to the rule of the company. Emotional labor create more problem when customer demand more that time employees have to face stress of job and other work pressure because employee do different tasks at different time example like employee who making the orders have to clean washroom and other store area so these things create stress on the employee and they have to follow the rules and regulations of the company so employees keep emotion beside their tasks.


Company can reduce the stress of the employees by teaching them problem solving techniques,

Emotional labor into evaluation process and providing new knowledgeable techniques by giving them training on reducing busy work load.



Subway Experience was good and the services given by the employers were also good.

But still they need some improvement in their services. It is always important for companies to get reviews from customer so that they can work on it so they can improve them. There are some areas in which subway needs some attention:


Drive thru: Subway Restaurants does not provide the service of drive thru so we recommend them to provide the same. If they provide this services to their customers, then it might help them to increase their market and could also be valuable to those people who are rushing to their work and want their food without stepping out of their cars and would save their time as well.


Space: The store we went was not too spacious and customers felt uncomfortable to dine-in and enjoy their food, so we think they need to extend the sitting area and need to put more tables and chairs so customers can sit there and eat their food. As the space was not enough, so it was even difficult for the customers to form a queue to get their food.




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