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BA63375 G4
Information Systems Infrastructure

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1. Some virtual teams at Boeing have
discussions focused on military aircraft. Do some Internet research on UC
security mechanisms and identify and briefly describe several that Boeing
should have in place to ensure the privacy and integrity of such discussions.

Clear communication is
always needed for teams in the Military. At the same time in both army and
military should be needed to maintain Privacy and Integrity for the
communication between the teams, that whoever involved in those teams.  Boeing is one of the largest contractor of
the defense who is making the war aircrafts, airplanes, rockets which designed
and manufactures in all over the world serving from Chicago, Illinois. It has
one of most highly skilled force in the world. Those High skilled key people
can resolve the issues collectively in the matter of time. This is one of the
biggest multinational company maintaining in globally almost 160K employees.
Boeing has majorly organized by 5 Divisions, that are

1. BCA called Boeing
Commercial Airplanes

2. BDS called Boeing
Defense space and Security

3. Boeing Shared Service

4. Capital of Boeing

5. Operations and
Technology in Engineering.

These are the five major
divisions that working together in as groups remotely in all over the world.
These are the five major divisions that working together in as groups remotely
in all over the world. To maintaining this much group of employees (depending
on the related groups) to get communicate together it must be needed both
security and effective Unified communications. For this I am going to give you
some brief description on the Unified communications called as UC. basically,
we have different unified communications traditionally like

a)         Web Conferencing which communicate
through web

b)         Audio Conferencing.

c)         Desktop Conferencing

d)         Voice conferencing.

e)         Microsoft Lync Server.

These are the
collaboration communication technologies that they can communicate through
these. In real time the Unified communications that add-up multiple groups
together in real time matters like through phone, emailing, live chat or
messaging that the additional capabilities of their communications under the
single bench, without considering the location issues. The unifies
communications working on using the Internet protocols that can exchange the
data, voice and video as well. This will more reliable and cost effective which
simplifies the administrative works.

All kind organizations
that they can utilize the Unified communications (UC) that small organizations
to corporate organizations. In this to evaluate the complexity level
Telecommunications. In the Boeings has thousands of engineers are working
together in different continents with different time zones in effectively under
the unified communications. They are experts in problem solving with virtual
groups that sharing their knowledge over the Internet or any other resources.
Military is more confidential that they would never publicize their
information. So, this Boeing take up the project to spending the millions of dollars
that to give integrity and privacy. Arms traders are making vulnerable profits
in the world. Making almost ?1.7 Trillion in sales. We can clearly see war cannot
stop in any time soon for their too much profits to be made. E-mailing is one
of the popular which communicate effectively and sharing their information
these virtual teams.



 2. To what extent do the UC benefits
experienced by Boeing mirror those of other firms that have deployed UC
capabilities over converged IP networks?

Boeing is already have
been spending millions of dollars on research for their aircraft security features
as well as for their employees. The unified communications that provides
portability, mobility and efficiency of the cost. UC integrating the Internet
protocol communications that creates unified workspace and to collaboration
products and applications into a single unified system. the unified
communications which will giving the best output on data, mobility, voice and
video. Boeing’s unified communication helps to their employees contend with
communications complexity. Which is also provide their requirements and shared
data to their communications.

Boeing Unified
communications that unifying their employee’s communications free of noise. for
this the Boeing will integrate the

1. Mobile networks and

2. Fixed Networks.

for this comes under the Unified
voice, Unified Video, unified data and mobility applications with rich call
controlling, instant unified messaging employees can take their workspace with
them wherever they move. The employees can enable more effective communication
with this UC. Employs can check the availability of their team to know where
co-employees wish to be reached and communicate in real time. UC capabilities
that enables the employees to share info quickly using the Boeing’s converged
IP network with unified network. Boeing’s engineers all over the world use this
unified communications capability through the Internet protocol network that
can offer the information sharing and must important facet in Boeing’s
collaboration and knowledge management strategies. This Boeing can almost 15
percent investment reduced when it deployed the Unified communications.



To date, Boeing has not implemented the full range of capabilities available
through UC systems. If you were the CIO at Boeing, what additional UC
capabilities would you implement? What benefits would you expect Boeing to
derive from deploying these capabilities?

Doing CIO is not a small
think that can we capable of maintaining the company environment. As Chief
Information officer (CIO) I provide What Boeing company IT needs. and add value
of the business with helping technology. I would create the strategic plans to
the business growth. I know the company goals always paramount that it can
expect something new and innovative thoughts. In recen times the Boeing
Business administrations released their result of 2017 year that it constant
contract wins along with the Higher jet deliveries. That means the company usefully
running with good profits. Being largest aircrafts CIO is more responsible for
the entire organizations. Boeing company is one of the largest arms crafts
manufacturer. The defense industry recent times challenging the cybersecurity
problems. In current era cyberattacks are being greatest thefts. The North
Atlantic Treaty Organization cited coming up next 10 years is greatest risk by
cyberattacks. So, the software industry spending millions of dollars on new
software to defend the company database. The military industry gathering the intelligence
and surveillance to protect identity theft. From these to protect Boeing will
suggest the ZigBee technology Artificial Intelligence. ZigBee technology is
High-level communication that to use small and low-Power Radios for automation
designed in the small projects in wireless communications. This is advanced
version of the Wi-Fi by Wireless PAN (Personal Area Network.).

The devices that uses in
ZigBee that are

ZigBee Coordinator

ZigBee Router

ZigBee End Device

And Coming to Artificial
Intelligence that Is Often called as Robots. In Scientifically Robots already
making lot of income in various organizations. Artificial Intelligence we can
also call it as Hybrid Thinking. These are the technologies that I propose in
Boeing If I were CIO.



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