Smoking the oxygen into the bloodstream and to exhale

Smoking Survey – Write up  Intro:     Air flows in from your mouth and nose which the air goes down the Trachea (windpipe) then into the Bronchi (tubes that branch off the Trachea), after the air passes through the Bronchi it then passes through the Bronchiole (small tubes that branch off of the Bronchi which spread air all around the lungs). To filter the oxygen and the Co2 the air flows from the bronchioles into the Aveoli. The primary use of the respitory is to take in air and filter the oxygen into the bloodstream and to exhale the Co2. >>> Reference  <<< Smoking is the biggest preventable death in England. 80,000 people die from smoking related disaeses each year. Lungs are even affected by coughing, asthma, colds and wheezing. There are so many downsides to smoking compared to the few valid upsides to smoking such as smoking can cause the following fatal diseases (which all are not pleasant!); Pneumonia (inflamation of the lung), Emphysema (Lungs are damaged and enlarged), Chronic Bronchitis (inflamation of the Bronchi) and lung cancer (Cancer in the lung). 84% of all lung cancer is caused by smoking. One of the early signs for all these diseases is if the person has a 'smokers cough'. The most effective way to stop these diseases is to simply just STOP smoking all together. A chain-smoker is someone who smokes cigarettes in rapid succession (sometimes before the last cigarette was finished). The general health of your body is effected including bad breathe, gum desease, stained teeth, clotted arteries, irregular heartbeats, breathlessness, and much more. Your taste dulls due to your taste buds flattening (dying off), 'Eating food relies heavily on our sense of smell since aroma contributes to flavor, which means eating is not as pleasurable. Smell and taste contribute to our enjoyment of life by stimulating a desire to eat – which not only nourishes our bodies, but also enhances social activities.' - VaporFi    .