~~—– spirits and act as both messenger and deliverer,

~~—– The Raven
—–~~Ruffling her blackened plumage the raven rests herself on
a high ledge, plucking up a shiny stardrop that it might see the
world in a whole new perspective.
~~–Portend and
The raven has a great
many folklore surrounding her existence. One of the most common of
them being that ravens are otherworldly harbingers of bad omens and
impending death. While there is quite a bit of truth to this lore it
is not entirely forthcoming. Unlike certain other spiritual
messengers the raven is not driven by desires or morality as we
humans are, instead following a much more grand purpose.
The raven like the shaman
has been gifted the ability to cross into the realm of the spirits
and act as both messenger and deliverer, bearing signs and warnings
that something momentous or calamitous, is likely to happen
soon.Have you ever taken notice as you strolled along the roads,
a raven cawing loudly in your direction? If you do and the raven
appears to be eager for your attention it is important to take a
moment to pause and give serious consideration to the world around
you. Unlike certain other spiritual messengers the raven is known for
having no care for human emotions and is able to remain completely
impartial, sharing its news with those who would listen.While
the raven is often seen delivering otherworldly messages they have
yet another gift to share with mankind. If appeased and shown the
proper respects the raven can show you how to walk into the dark
corners of your inner-most mind and resolve conflicts buried deep
within. In doing so one is able to walk an enlightened path unbound
by the distractions of morality.Often times the messages being
delivered can be difficult to understand, but soaring over hurdles
and obstacles is how we grow most effectively.Ravens
curiously enough do not follow the standard karmic wheel of
reincarnation that most other animal spirits enjoy. Instead when the
life essence of a raven is released into middle realm it is suffused
again with spiritual energy and sent back as yet another raven to
once again act as an otherworldly messenger.The raven when
not acting as a messenger for the spirits is a silent observer of her
environment and is said to embody the very idea of introspection.

Shaman are often sought out by raven spirits as she
prefers to share her knowledge with those she feels can understand
and appreciate the depth of her duties.
Raven Spirits usually expect
a certain level of respect, never fear. If made friendly she can
awaken your inner Shaman, and helps stimulate karmic memories. As
these memories emerge they may eventually help you deal with issues
important in the mortal realm or on your spiritual journey.

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