Starting constitution). However, the UK does have what is

Starting with what a
constitution is, the House of Lords Select Committee defined it in 2001; “the set of laws, rules and
practices that create the basic institutions of the state and its component and
related parts, and stipulate powers of those institutions and the relationships
between the different institutions and between those institutions and the

A constitution has three main roles first they establish
the authority and power of each political body, how they will relate to one
another and how the relationship between them can be altered. For the UK, this
is where the separation of powers comes in. the bodies being; the executive
(the government and civil service), the legislature (which makes laws but does
not administer them) and the judiciary (which adjudicates what is lawful when
this is disputed). Secondly, constitutions should define the rights and
freedoms of the individual. For example, the right to free speech, the right to
liberty, or freedom from torture. Finally, a constitution should express the
aims for the country’s society. The aim could be to be liberal and non-fascist
as it is for Germany, or for the United States its “life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness”, although this appears in the declaration of independence
not in the US constitution itself.

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the British constitution contains written sources such as statutes, it is one
of few in the world that is not codified into a single document, or collections
of documents (Israel,
New Zealand, Saudi Arabia (though the basic law of Saudi Arabia states that the
Qur’an is the constitution), San Marino and Canada also lack a single document
which outline a constitution). However, the UK does have what is called an
uncodified constitution, meaning that it is spread among many separate
documents as oppose to just a single one. The Constitution of the UK is built
upon Acts of parliament, court judgement and other legal principles. Many basic
rules which are part of the UKs constitution do not exist legally at all, and
simply rely on unwritten understanding or traditions. It is suggested that the
main reason he UK does not have a codified constitution is because it lacks a
critical moment in its history that would encourage the codifying of a
constitution, such as a revolution.

constitution of the UK can be thought to be made up of many different
documents, some fundamentals can be seen in documents such as the Magna Carta
1215, the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

The British
constitution can be seen to be made up from many different sources, fundamentals can be seen in
documents such as; the
Magna Carta 1215, Human rights, the Bill of Rights 16882, the Constitutional Reform
Act 2005, Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010. Further principles
would be drawn from the rule of law, parliamentary supremacy and the separation
of powers. Also many principles arise from the continued development of common