Statement fascination towards technology and the career prospects it

Statement of PurposeIt would be hard to fathom a world where software programs and technologies have not made its impact. Everything that transpires in the world in all facets of life such as personal, academic, business and research domains is made possible largely due to the developments that happened—and keeps happening—in various software technology verticals. However, in the grand scheme of things that happen in the field of software development, an equally important role is assumed by the professionals who test and certify that the programs are good to go live. They carry out one of the most important jobs in the field and the opportunities and challenges of the professionals are limitless. It is my desire to become a cog in the developments that occur in the field is what gave me the impetus and drive to take a break from my professional career and pursue the master program from Fanshawe College in Software and Information Systems Testing (Co-op).I have always been an ardent learner who was keen to learn the practical applications of the subjects I learned as much as the pedagogic aspects of the same. Such a nature has developed an inquisitive temperament in me which often found me asking question to my teachers about various subjects and its empirical scope. I must also say here that my innate nature to expand my knowledge forte has often helped me fare exceptionally well in my academics and get into the good books of my teachers quite effortlessly. Even when I was an exceptionally active student, I have never taken a back seat in indulging in various extracurricular activities either. My experiences—both in individual and team capacities—have helped me develop and hone my leadership, organization and communication skills pretty effectively.Even from childhood, I was very fascinated about technological developments and the impact it has had on human lives. As I grew up and when the time came for me to make the decision for my higher education, my fascination towards technology and the career prospects it brought about in India persuaded me to take the under graduate program in ‘name of the course’. During the course I was introduced to a wide range of concepts and technologies which drew me further to software development and technologies. The projects I have done along with the seminars and internships have also helped me perk up my knowledge and skills in software testing domain. My professional experience after the course has helped learn the importance of software testing and the challenges of the job. As I was able to also learn about the career advancing opportunities in the field of software testing, I decided to equip myself with the skills and knowledge indispensable in the field by pursuing the master program from Fanshawe College in Software and Information Systems Testing (Co-op).Ever since I began considering doing my higher education from a foreign university, I wanted to do it from Canada which is able to offer maximum value for money and spotless quality of education. As such it was only natural and effortless for me to choose Canada for my higher education. However, choosing the university was definitely a tedious task and took longer than I expected. As most of the universities were able to match other evenly in a range of academic capabilities, I had to rely on several review-aggregate websites and other resources online. Fanshawe College caught my attention as it popped us as one of the best during my researches. As I learned more about the college, I realized that it not only paid flawless attention in the academic growth of the students but also in mentoring the students empirically to match the needs of their career in the future. I have also understood that the college is also endowed with excellent infrastructural capabilities, experiential learning methods and pioneer faculties to effectively mold the students to become exceptional professional capable of meeting the challenges of the real world.As a foreign national aspiring to study in ABC, I have understood all the financial duties that I have to fulfill during my study. As such, my parents are sponsoring my master program and all the related expenses. I have already made the payment of CAD 8040 towards my 1st semester tuition fees and deposited another CAD 10200 in GIC account. My father is a government employee with a saving of INR 23,00,000 and fixed deposit worth of INR 13,50,000. In order to testify his financial wherewithal, all the necessary documents have been attached hereby. At the end of the course, I intend to come back to India and join the ranks of a reputed software development company. I am buoyant that India, as the fastest-growing trillion-dollar economy of the world and the software hub of the world, will certainly bequeath me with a myriad of employment opportunities to take advantage of. There is no doubt that I will be able to utilize my academic training and pragmatic exposure from the master program to bring exceptional operational quality and value to the business.