The aircraft that could fly without assistance. This led

The inventor I chose was Clement Ader. He started off in the working world as an electrical engineer and he was emerging in the telephone industry. He was interested in and is most well known in the aviation world for creating the first invention that was able to fly without assistance in 1890. Clement created the Eole which was a flying invention based on the attributes of eagles, bats, and vultures. In 1872-1873 he created a life-size Eole and was able to lift a person off the ground when there were strong winds present. In 1890 the Eole was able to lift someone off the surface and traveled around 50 meters in the air. After the Eole Clement was tasked and funded by the French Ministry of War to create an airplane. He abandoned this project and began work on his next invention the Avion 3. He began to test his invention with witnesses from the French Government. The first day of testing went well with Clement taking his invention around several runways. The second day, however, did not go according to plan. The Avion experienced a steering problem and crashed on the side of the runway. Clement claimed that the Avion flew for 300 meters however that was proven false. Clement had a major contribution to the world of aviation by creating the first aircraft that could fly without assistance. This led to more possibilities and ideas about the future of aviation. He did fail while testing the Avion 3 and gave up on finishing his second invention. I believe that future of aviation could not have developed the same way without Clement. He created an invention which was more advanced than anything seen in France at the time and was able to keep his aircraft in the air and it reached 50 meters. So, in conclusion, I do think Clement Ader is very important to the history of aviation because his innovative invention changed the way people thought about how they should make aircraft.