Transferring registrar is different from the other so it

Transferring a
domain name is one of the most frequently asked queries we get. Because every
domain registrar is different from the other so it gets confusing to figure out
what to do. Thankfully at Beebll, we make it as easier for you to transfer your
domain registration to your account so you can manage all your domains and
files under one, well preserved roof.

Transfer any
.com, .net, .org, .info, .us, or .biz domain to Beebll by following these
simple commands.

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First, you’ll
need to contact the domain registrar where the domain is presently registered.
From here you will organize the domain name for transfer. Every registrar is a
little altered from the other, but you must be able to follow these general

1- Login to access the domain manager tools of your existing

2- Update your info (mainly your e-mail address) so that Beebll
can reach you with vital information, during and after the transfer course.

3- Ensure privacy options are inactivate for the transfer procedure.
But worry not, you can re-enable them when your domain is transferred to Beebll.

4- Update the name servers to point to Beebll. Use the
following: and (This specifies
that your site is presented at Beebll. The DNS change can take everywhere from
a 24 hours to several days to disseminate. Once it is complete you will be able
to finish the transfer procedure.)

Once you’ve prepared your domain for transfer,
all that’s left is to induct the transfer from the new registrar (Beebll).

Follow these general steps:

1 – Login and access the client space.

2 – Visit the Domain Manager tab in your Beebll client space.

3 – Select “Transfer a new domain” from the list of options on
the bottom left-hand side.

4 – Type in the domain you request to transfer and click

5 – Beebll will e-mail a confirmation code to the administrator
e-mail linked to the domain. (Which is why it’s essential to update your
contact information before you twitch the transfer process.) Enter this confirmation
code in the box and click continue. 

And that’s it! There’s a lot of behind the
scenes effort that goes on to make the transfer really happen. It normally
takes between 5 to 10 days to complete.

If you need additional help with a domain
transfer, contact our maintenance team at any time, 24/7 by calling us at +44
(0) 203 070 3323.